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Why Visits 4 Pets Do Not Use Extendable Leads

Our customers are all aware that Visits 4 Pets does not walk dogs on extending leads. Apart from some of the potential safety risks, when walking 3 or 4 dogs it is very hard to keep your hand closed around 3 leads and a large plastic handle at the same time!

Whilst the freedom given to dogs on an extending lead is useful, it does not encourage a dog to learn to recall (which is invaluable if your dog breaks a collar or a harness), and it also teaches a dog that if they pull hard they are given more lead - even when walking on roads and in places where extra lead is not appropriate. As well as making the walk a less enjoyable experience for all, walking a pulling dog puts pressure on their neck and shoulders which can cause permanent damage to the dog's throat and chest.

Please think very carefully before using an extending lead for all walks and in all environments, as your dog becomes very used to the freedom even when it is not safe or appropriate to give it.

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